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Core Components


XPX PAY will introduce a pioneering web3 marketplace and payment gateway. What makes it unique is its innovative framework, providing exclusive discounts and deals to XPX token holders whilst offering merchants solutions to existing payment infrastructure.

Asset Backing Feature

XPX is coded with BNB asset backing which guarantees a baseline value that increases over time with every buy and sell tax.

Staking Protocol with
BTC rewards

As XPX develops its payments and core utilities, we've recognized an opportunity to reward our holders. This will be done by rewarding wrapped BTC through our staking protocol. Buy and sell tax will contribute to the staking pool, rewarding holders and pioneers of our vision.

Exclusive NFTs

XPX PAY is set to unveil an exciting collection of exclusive NFTs, elevating the utility and collectible dimension within the XPX ecosystem. These NFTs are not just digital assets; they serve to reward the community and contribute to curated collections.

Expo & Networking Organisation

XPX envisage itself playing a central role in organizing expos, advocating for collaboration, and honing networking opportunities within the blockchain community. The XPX team will explore the most effective way to organizing networking events and expos, potentially serving as catalysts for bringing together diverse crypto projects.

Smart Loans

The Smart loan functionality allows XPX token holders to take out a loan against their asset backed value, a feature like a ‘pay day loan’ this loan is interest free for 30 days, during that period it can be paid back at any point or be left to expire resulting in them backed XPX tokens being burned off the supply.

The grey matter

The brains behind XPX

White Paper


Concept & team formation
We have put together a team capable of realising it’s main objectives. Bringing a token concept that focus’s on unique features and holder benefits, whilst building its key utility!
Smart Contract
Developer liaison to create XPX’s custom Smart Contract to reward staking holders with BTC (Bitcoin) Customise token tx percentages to reward holders and token distribution. Identify the best platform to launch.
Social Media & Website
Increasing Social media presence on leading platforms whilst building a strong community & Launch of official Website.
Marketing strategy
Analyzing and developing the marketing plan for the presale and launch of token & the XPX ecosystem.
Token presale and launch
XPX is expected to launch via LGE, a Liquidity Generation Event which is designed to protect investors as well as the project itself form pump and dump. After the tokenless event has taken place, investors will start receiving their vested tokens.
Through contacts and partnerships XPX will build a payment system gateway to offer payments and discounts on products and services, enabling crypto and Fiat transactions to work in unison, solving many current payment issues for merchants
NFT’s  and metaverse creation to allow merchants to have a virtual space where NFT’s can offer as payment and or discount on real world products and services.
The Expo
Under the banner of XPX we look to stage a crypto expo, using existing contacts and market knowledge to offer an affordable event where the public can find out more about cryptocurrency and existing or future projects can shill their visions.
The Future
Whatever other great stuff we can accomplish together along the way

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