Contract Features

XPX token, built on SmartDefi 2.0 - Fully audited by two independent third parties including Peckshield.

XPX token will be available on Binance Smart Chain & BASE Chain.

Dual Liquidity Pools

XPX will also feature two liquidity pools on both chains: one paired with $WBNB and another with $FEG on the BSC chain, and one paired with $WBASE and another with $FEG on the BASE chain. This enables arbitrage opportunities on both chains!

Staking Protocol

A great way to supercharge XPX token holdings and unlock passive rewards from trading activities.

Staking XPX with the power of SmartDefi allows for:

Amazing wBTC rewards for staking XPX tokens

No deposit or withdrawal fees when staking your tokens, users are only responsible for their gas fees.

Enjoy the flexibility of staking with no lock-in period, allowing users to stake and unstake at their convenience.

Automatically distributed and compounded staking rewards, eliminating the need for manual claiming and reinvestment.

The contract is upgradeable, requiring no user action during updates such as unstaking or staking.

A 0.2% Burn tax is applied upon staking exit, this compliments the asset backing, as backing increases the supply gradually reduces’

When you stake your XPX tokens, they are deposited into the staking contract, and you receive SmartDeFi Stake Shares (SDSS) in return. These shares represent your ownership in the staking pool and serve as a confirmation from the system that you have staked successfully. You will need to show this confirmation to the system when you want to unstake and reclaim your SD tokens.SDSS does not follow a 1:1 ratio and is updated with each token reward earned. The ratio of Total SDSS to Total SD determines your ownership in the pool.

It is important to note that SDSS cannot be transferred to another wallet.
There is also an optional feature called "Sacrifice." This feature, implemented based on community feedback, allows stakers to contribute to burn efforts and reduce the circulating token supply. When unstaking, you can choose to burn a specified percentage of your staked tokens, effectively removing them from circulation. This percentage applies to the tokens you choose to unstake, whether they are your rewards or your original staked amount. To activate this feature, you must specify the percentage to sacrifice and the amount to unstake.

Asset Backing

A built-in Safety net against crashes and hype with the power of SmartDeFi. Offering Stability,
Security & Growth.


Protects investment from market crashes


Eliminating scams and manipulation


An increase in XPX token value over time  

XPX token features a 1% Buy tax & 1.5% sell tax dedicated to Asset Backing. So that each transaction contributes to the Asset Backing reserve fund. This fund is comprised of a tangible asset, BNB which is selected by the team.This reserve fund steadily grows, establishing a minimum price level, or "floor," for the token. Even during market downturns, the token's intrinsic value remains above this floor.

This robust stability shields investors from scams and sudden price manipulations, offering the assurance of holding tokens with genuine value, rather than brief hype.Furthermore, when individuals burn tokens, removing them from circulation, the remaining tokens gain increased value at an accelerated pace. This process also initiates a deflationary trend, further enhancing the token's scarcity and value.

Smart Lending

Utilizing SmartLending, individuals can leverage XPX token as collateral to obtain loans based on its underlying value, all without the need to sell or burn the XPX.

Upon loan acquisition, borrowers promptly receive the baseline value equivalent to the collateralized token. They are then granted a 30-day period to repay the loan, free from interest charges.Should repayment become challenging within the timeframe, users have the option to extend the lending period by an additional 30 days by sacrificing 0.1% of their collateral. This extension can be repeated as necessary.

In short, SmartLending allows users to leverage their tokens as collateral for interest-free loans based on their baseline value, avoiding the need to sell assets.

Extending loans before the 30-day deadline is crucial to prevent default and collateral loss.The collateralized tokens remain part of the circulating supply, maintaining asset-backing and enabling interest-free lending.

Access baseline value without selling tokens, ideal for emergencies or seizing investment opportunities.

Safeguarded against external manipulation or code exploits, ensuring utmost security.

Tax implications: Reflective taxes may apply if the SmartDeFi token has such features.

Tokens used as collateral are held in the Smart Contract, with loans provided in the asset-backing token type.

Tokens held in SmartLend do not receive reflections (RFI).

Repayment flexibility allows for batch repayments, with tokens returned upon full repayment, resuming reflections if applicable.