XPXtoken chose to launch on the SmartDefi launchpad due to its innovative technology, which allows for a safer launch and incorporates mechanisms that will benefit investors and the overall project.  

Additionally,SmartDeFi's introduction of Tokenless Presales represents an innovative approach in the crypto sphere. This groundbreaking concept not only pushes the limits but also ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks, bypassing the intricate legalities and risks associated with traditional token-based presales.

Through the Liquidity Generation Event, participants receive a vested share of the generated LP, effectively addressing typical challenges encountered in conventional presale models.

Enhanced Security

  • Unlike traditional presales, the LGE prioritizes security. When you invest your BNB(Binance Coin), the system takes those funds and converts them into LP(Liquidity Provider) tokens.
  • These LP tokens are then securely locked in a vesting mechanism. The system only unlocks these tokens in batches, based on a predetermined vesting schedule. This prevents sudden and large-scale market dumping by investors.

Vesting Schedule

  • The vesting schedule is a timeline that dictates when batches of LP tokens are unlocked. This controlled release ensures a steady and controlled flow of tokens into the market, preventing sudden volatility.

Anti-Dumping Mechanism

  • One key feature of LEAP is that, even when users claim their share of tokens as the batches unlock, they cannot simply withdraw and dump them on the market.
  • Instead, the system ensures that when users claim their XPX tokens, these tokens are burnt (destroyed) rather than being withdrawn. This process helps in maintaining the XPX to BNB ratio within the LP pool, preventing a drop in price when users take profits.
  • Additionally, when tokens are burnt, investors will receive their vested share in BNB &FEG, providing an added benefit from the healthy price chart.

Price Stability

  • By burning XPX tokens upon withdrawal, the system actively works to keep the price stable. This ensures that the overall market is not negatively impacted when users decide to cash in their shares.
An evident distinction from your regular presales lies in its robust security measures. Here is how it works: the system receives the BNB investment, converts it into LP tokens, and subsequently locks these tokens into a vesting mechanism. These LP tokens are only released gradually, according to a predetermined vesting schedule, thereby deterring abrupt market dumps. 

XPX willallocate 80% of the token supply into the Liquidity Event Allocation Pool(LEAP).